Stressed, Overwhelmed, Confused…
No idea where to start and what to do next?

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Are you a Caregiver to a loved one or family member suffering from Dementia? A task you never asked for and certainly never prepared for.

Millions of Americans, just like you, are confronted everyday with having to care for someone with Dementia.

Have questions? Don’t know where to start? Unsure of the future?

Achieve peace of mind and organization with our simple and easy to use workbooks.
In a matter of a few hours, you will find all the information you need! We’ll show you how to organize it in one easy place for reference. Along with a list of tips and strategies to help you become the Caregiver you want to be.

All this and more in your own personal copy of 

The Caregiver Survival Guide!

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Nationally Recognized Dementia Coach shares…

The Caregiver Survival Guide
This comprehensive step-by-step guide will answer ALL your questions. Organize your tasks. Reduce your fears. Clear up your confusion and bring you peace of mind.

Now only $17!

(A Package Valued $297)

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So… why are we sharing this right now?

Because we care and we understand.

Hi, we’re Laura Banner and Kelly Anne Rasmovich!

Laura Banner, RN, MSN is a Family Nurse Practitioner and the founder of Compassionate Education. For over 10 years, Laura has been specializing in Dementia care and support. She has assisted caregivers and families through all stages of Dementia. Laura is a dedicated advocate for Dementia patients and their caregivers. She realized there was a need to share her experience. A way to help patients and their families find answers to all of their questions and ease their fears.

Kelly Anne Rasmovich is a certified Health Coach. Kelly Anne has a passion for helping individuals navigate life. To provide the tools to help her clients make healthy decisions in their lives. Decisions that can help them live a more productive, happy and fulfilled life! She prides herself in always being well prepared and organized in both her personal and professional life. Working with her mother Laura, they created this guide to help Caregivers be better organized and prepared.

Together, this team created The Caregiver Survival Guide. A resource needed by so many families and individuals. A comprehensive and easy to follow guide designed to ease the burden of stress on Caregivers. Those of you who have been tasked to care for a friend or family member diagnosed with Alzheimers or any other form of Dementia are well aware of the stress that caregiving brings. 

As soon as your loved one receives the diagnosis of Dementia and you assume the role of being their “Caregiver” the questions start. You have no idea where to begin – What should I be gathering?……… What should I prepare for?…….. What should I even be asking?…… Can I handle this responsibility?

We’re here to help you navigate this journey of being a Caretaker and we hope to help lift the weight of uncertainty off your shoulders.

So, we asked ourselves the question:

“How can we help you to prepare yourself to be a Caregiver?…

The solution… a simple and easy to follow workbook. A place to list and keep all the documents that will be needed along the way. A place to list all the things to prepare for doctors appointments. A journal to document the doctor’s conversations with you. A place to set appointment reminders. A workbook that will make you a prepared and organized Caregiver!

Inside The Caregiver Survival Guide…

  • Necessary documents to gather
  • Detailed medical records that you’ll often be asked for
  • Caregiver Tips and Strategies
  • Explanation of relevant Dementia and medical terms
  • Tips on preparing to go to the doctor
  • Customizable Calendars to help you stay organized
  • And much more!

Grab The Caregiver Survival Guide today….


Now only $17!

Lock in this low price today. Let your stress reduction begin NOW!

Here’s what you’ll gain inside The Caregiver Survival Guide:

What documents are most important for you to gather and organize to be able to have on hand for all appointments and for any unexpected events. There are TEN sections filled with exact documents you can easily fill out and add in – Identification, Important Contacts, Medical Records, Finances, End of Life Instructions, and much more!

How to best prepare for upcoming doctor appointments including what to bring, what to prepare to be asked, important questions to ask your provider to make the most of your appointment, and more! It’s important to be prepared for appointments and to go in knowing what needs to be asked!

Calendars to help you best plan out your week and month as a Caregiver. A weekly medication scheduler is also included to help facilitate medication management! All calendars are non-dated and can be printed each week/month.

Lifetime support from the Compassionate Education team and other Caregivers around the world when you join our private Facebook group designed to give you the community support you need as a Caregiver!

Access to our best Caregiver Tips and Strategies. We know how taxing this role can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s important to take care of YOU too so that you can be the best Caregiver you possibly can be to your loved one!

Easy to understand information about what Dementia is, prevention tips, the typical experience, signs of memory loss, and more! Understanding this information will not only make you a better Caregiver, but will help you lower your risk of developing it at a young age.

Who is The Caregiver Survival Guide for?

Caregivers + Family Members

Being a Caregiver or the family member of someone struggling with memory loss is hard enough. Making hard decisions, understanding what’s going on, not knowing what to expect or where to start… This is only the tip of the iceberg.
Having everything prepared and organized can be a lifesaver, but usually you don’t know what you need until you’re in the moment… until you got The Caregiver Survival Guide!

The Elderly Wanting to Prepare

Worried about aging and memory loss? Worried that your family will have to struggle to find all the information and documents they need when you’re no longer able? You’re not alone. Many prepare for the future!

You can help your loved ones tremendously by simply filling everything out NOW and updating it as information changes. This makes their job much easier!

Individuals with Early Memory Loss

It’s never too early to prepare and it can be stressful to know that one day you may not be able to remember your family medical history, when to take your medications, or where important documents are located.

Preparing for the future does not mean you’ll get to that point of memory loss, but it never hurts to be prepared and organized for any type of medical event that may happen.



Grab your digital copy (or hard copy) of The Caregiver Survival Guide NOW.


Check your inbox for your downloable guide so you can jump in and get started today!


Fill out your guide digitally or print it out and hand write your information to store in a secure binder to reference later!


Focus on what truly matters – your relationship with your loved one – and rest assured that you ARE prepared for what’s to come!

FAQs About The Caregiver Survival Guide

Do I need to have skilled technology experience to use this?

Not at all! Our system is very user friendly and simple to navigate. Simply download the documents to your computer once you purchase here and then you can choose to edit the PDF file and save it to your documents or print off the guide and manually fill it in. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase a spiral bound workbook that will be sent to you. It’s as simple as that!

Does my loved one need to have a terminal diagnosis for this to be useful?

Absolutely not! It is never too early to become prepared and organized. You may even decide to fill out one for yourself and your healthy family members as a way to be organized for the future.

Can I return this if I don’t like it?

Due to the digital nature of The Caregiver Survival Guide, there will be no refunds after purchase. We believe you’ll love it though!

When will I receive my Caregiver Survival Guide?

If you opt for the digital copy: You will receive an email granting you access to your guide right after you purchase! This is a self-paced, instant access digital product, so you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox! (Check your spam folder if you haven’t received an email within 15 minutes)

If you opt to purchase a spiral bound workbook, it will be sent out to you within 5 business days of purchase,
You can start filling everything out today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! You will have lifetime access to download your guide, but we suggest starting sooner rather than later!

Do you provide any other type of support?

When you purchase The Caregiver Survival Guide, you will also be provided a link to join our exclusive Facebook page where you can connect with other caregivers to ask questions or share your story and advice! We want to create a community where you feel safe and are able to engage with others struggling with the same things you are. We are always here to help you!

Right now, you’re struggling with just knowing where to start.

…”What should I be asking?”
…”What should I be gathering?”
…”What should I already know?”
…”What should I be expecting?”

We understand the uncertainty and stress this new role in your life can cause.

Imagine this…

Imagine if you could go to sleep at night with the peace of mind knowing that you are fully prepared for any unexpected events that could possibly come your way – which they will. You can only be so prepared, but knowing that you have everything you could possibly need ready when those unexpected events come will bring a sense of peace and confidence over you.

The issue isn’t being ABLE to be prepared and organized as a Caregiver, it’s knowing HOW to be prepared and organized and knowing what you need!


Grab The Caregiver Survival Guide today….

Now only $17!

(A package valued $297)

Lock in this low price today. Let your stress reduction begin NOW!

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