Dementia Grypes

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I’m so excited to announce a new series titled “Dementia Grypes”.
So, to first answer the obvious question…. Why did I spell grypes with a “y” instead of the usual “i”? 

Because Dementia Grypes is all about the frustrations that not only I have witnessed but also the frustrations that others have conveyed to me. 

It will be a forum for me to ask “why” about observations related to dementia.

I am featuring Dementia Grypes on my Instagram page 

@compassionate_education It will be a regular video series that will be archived into my highlights on my Instagram.

Grype 1: Why do people speak loudly to persons with dementia? They aren’t deaf. They have dementia!

Grype 2: So, everyone’s an expert! Why do people assume that if someone is forgetful and they are advanced in age that they have dementia? I guess they haven’t heard of pseudo-dementia or ever considered that there may be other factors in play.

Grype 3:  Why is it that dementia/Alzheimer’s doesn’t get the same media coverage as other diseases do? 

The number of deaths attributed to Alzheimer’s disease alone from 2000-2017 rose by 145%!!

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