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Why your business needs to be dementia-friendly

Why become a dementia friendly business and what exactly does that mean? Being a dementia friendly business means that your organization recognizes the special and unique challenges faced by those individuals with and those individuals caring for people living with dementia. Not only do you recognize the challenges and needs but by being labeled “Dementia Friendly” it is a statement that your organization has enacted changes to accommodate these needs.

3 reasons why your business should become dementia friendly

First, because it’s good for your business. It strategically places your business ahead of competitors in the same field. It will help increase market share by expanding your target audience.

Secondly, by becoming dementia friendly you are making a statement that your organization is forward thinking by not only recognizing this consumer demographic but just as importantly by addressing the unique needs of the special population.

Lastly, by becoming dementia friendly your business makes a public declaration that your business wants to be part of its community.

That it cares about the people who support your business and recognizes how challenging living with dementia can be and that whatever small part or role your business may take in making the dementia struggle less difficult it wants to be able to help. This is the hallmark of being a good corporate citizen.

How Does A Business Become Dementia-Friendly

The first step is to consult with the dementia trainer. Someone who is qualified to educate management and employees about what dementia is and how to make accommodations to ease their experience when they interact with your business.

A qualified consultant will empower your workforce to rise to the challenge by anticipating the needs of this segment of your consumer base as well as help position your business as the “go to”in your category when your services or products are being sought.

A qualified dementia consultant will not only train your organization’s workforce but can also provide periodic refresher or advanced training seminars to continue to fine-tune your newly learned skill set.

Test your own knowledge.

Take a moment and answer these five questions to see if you understand the unique challenges of the dementia customer

1. Identifying a customer with dementia is easy.True/False

2. You/your staff would know how to handle an inappropriate outburst by an elderly customer. True/False

3. You/your staff would be able to name five common symptoms of dementia. True/False 4.

Only elderly people suffer from dementia.True/False

5. Who immune from developing dementia? (answer: no one)

So, let’s go back to the initial question of why your business should become dementia friendly. Well, aside from what has already been addressed, consider this. Every 65 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This does not account for all the other types of dementia or those with dementia that have not yet gotten the diagnosis.

Those with dementia and those caring for persons living with dementia are consumers; they shop, they travel, they want to be entertained and they want to be appreciated for their business.

They are much more apt to support businesses that are welcoming and understand their unique challenges.

With the meteoric rise in the prevalence of dementia, this consumer demographic needs to be recognized. Why wouldn’t you want to be the business in your industry who leads the way with this consumer base, positioning your brand as the leader by being dementia friendly?

Contact me for a free consultation so we can discuss your specific business needs.

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